Following the Fairy – Book Three of the Dark Forest Series

Saturday Smut.

Book three is done!  I’ve decided to make this a seven story arch, and make the final, penultimate story a bit longer than the rest.  Here’s the latest:

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The forest is full of unexpected pleasures…

Marilene is an older woman who has been used and cast aside by Stephen, the miller’s son, a man who has left a trail of women in his wake. Alone in the forest, she is discovered by a fairy, who takes her deeper into the woods to a secret grotto where he and his lover like to play. And now they want Marilene to join them. Will she succumb to their beautiful charms, or return to her life in the village and her hatred of Stephen?

Taming the Troll – Book Two of the Dark Forest Series

I’m loving writing erotic fantasy, more than I expected!  Not since I did the Confessions of an IT Stud series have I had this much fun.  Book two is now up and ready to download and enjoy!

Taming the Troll on Amazon

Taming the Troll on Smashwords


Aislinn knows that no one in the village is better with a bow than she is. So she finds it ridiculous when she is left behind as they begin their efforts to sweep the dark forest clean of the evil creatures that have been preying on the members of her village and stealing their children. All because she is a woman. As soon as she can, she sneaks away with her bow and arrows to join them. But when she comes across a pack of trolls, she soon is captured. Now she is alone with a troll, and it’s clear that eating her isn’t the only thing that’s on his mind.


New Series of books starts… today!

I got a wild hair up my ass about all the dinosaur porn that seems to be the “it” thing right now on Amazon.  OK, so frankly I’m not interested in writing about dino/human sexual relationships.  But what I did find really hot was the idea of humans and mythological creatures.  Especially fairies, elves, trolls, pixies and the like.  I imagined a forest full of these creatures and the people who live near it and how they all interact.

Today, the first of this new series of inter-species sexual relations goes live.  Pursuing the Pixie is up on Amazon and Smashwords and available for download.  Already the reviews are trickling in, and it seems to be well received so far.  Please check it out and get yourself a copy soon!

Here’s the first cover (book two will be “Taken by Trolls”):


Pursuing the Pixie

50 Word Wednesday – October 9, 2013

So the government is shut down.  What does that say about us as a nation?  About Congress as a whole?  About fracking and fractures and a society that thrives on commentary instead of facts, weighing decisions carefully.  What does it say about the Tea Party who seem to prefer burning the whole thing down rather then admitting they’ve lost a debate?  Lots and lots of questions, but frankly (sorry to you conservatives) this is the fault of the Republicans who have spent most of the last 5 years being the party of “no” instead of trying to work with the Democrats to govern.  They have blocked more nominations, held the government hostage more times, and basically want to cry about how the country is being ruined even as the economy is slowly improving (no thanks to their intransigent actions).  None of which has ANYTHING to do with smut, except the Republicans are more likely to be the party of “ban all porn”, and thus worthy of my scorn.

On to some 50 word sexiness!



I lay on the bed, my cunt throbbing in a hatefully delicious way as he stands over me, tossing a fifty onto the dresser. “I love you,” he says as he leaves.  He’s left his love upon my flesh, and I touch the fresh bruises, purple marks covering faded yellow.

Breaking Good

It had to end.  Granted, I didn’t realize how good a show it was until this past spring/summer.  I had watched the pilot episode of Breaking Bad and thought… “meh, I still think of him as Malcolm’s dad.”  And so I had ignored the entire run of the series until something, some off comment by a person or people online, convinced me to try again and watch a few more episodes, give it a chance.  Be aware that there will be spoilers in my post, so if you plan to go back and watch the series… don’t read on!

By episode four I was hooked.  I had never in my life seen a show so brilliantly written and acted.  Intense, edge of your seat, and yet enough moments of levity to keep you from feeling overwhelmed.  For the first three seasons, as Netflix allowed me to fly through them, I kept marveling how deftly they made us like a character who was on the razor edge of being a bastard and prick.  A good man with a very dark side.

He became a dark man.  Very dark.  By the end of the first half of season five, there was almost nothing left to root for.  His darkness had consumed him, turned him from a man trying desperately to build a legacy for his family before he died into a man so arrogant and egotistical that only he himself could rule the drug empire that surrounded him.  And anyone who opposed him or even tried to set him straight was worthy of death (loved you Mike, you deserved so much better than that by Walt).  Death surrounded him, and Walt seemed to enjoy killing a little more than he was letting on.

The only thing left to root for was that he would find his humanity again. And that was just enough to keep me coming back from more until the series finale, which was cathartic and fulfilling, and left me breathing deeply with admiration for the writers of this series.

That is ultimately what this post is about.  The writing.  Screenwriting is obviously very different than writing erotic fiction.  You have sixty minutes to set a stage and tell a story, or a chapter of a story in any case.  And Breaking Bad took risks like no other shows.  One entire episode about Walt cooking meth and trying to kill a fly that was “contaminating” his lab.  That show was nothing but a study in self-obsession and a desire for control, in the traits that would define Walt’s remaining career as a criminal mastermind, and it was brilliantly done.

What do we ultimately, as writers ourselves, learn from Breaking Bad?  What are our take aways?

  • Do not let your desire to make your main character sympathetic deter you from making them realistic.  We all loved Walter White and wanted him to succeed.  Ultimately he failed, and the seeds of his failure were shown to us in the first episodes, we simply didn’t recognize them then.  Hubris, obsessive need for control, cajoling and humiliating – manipulating – those around him into buying into his dream.  And he did this right through the end, it just became more and more obvious to us that this was his flaw, not his strength.
  • Tragedy is not a bad thing.  Shakespeare did it best perhaps, but for a television show, Breaking Bad was as Shakespearean as it gets.  There are the main characters who suffer and suffer and suffer, and in the end do not win but end up alone and/or dead.  Then there are the side characters, the players around whom the plot coalesces and changes the views and goals of our main characters, the Gus’ and the Mikes.  And there is the comic relief to help ease tensions when it’s all too much, the Badgers and Skinny Pete’s.  And sometimes there’s the redeemed hero, the one who escapes the play and maybe you can hope will have a better life (go Jesse!).
  • Deus ex machina can work if properly done.  There were several times in the series where Walt was in a seemingly untenable situation, and none more so than the last episode when he’s sitting in a snow covered car, the lights of police cruisers reflecting off his face, and trying to hotwire it so he can get back to Arizona.  Clearly he has no clue how to do so.  A brief prayer to… god?… the universe?… and when he reaches up to the sunshade, the keys fall down into his lap.  The lights from the police cars move on, and Walt starts up the engine.  But instead of feeling contrived, a convenient answer, it felt… right.  So don’t shy away from using a seemingly random occurrence to get your character from point A to point B, but keep them subtle and small, within the realms of reality.
  • Love won’t conquer all, but you damn sure will keep loving someone even if they’ve abused you endlessly.  There’s no doubt Skylar still loves Walt after all he did to her and the family.  It’s written on her face in the final episode when he admits he didn’t do it for the family, he did it for himself, he did it because he liked it and was good at it.  That’s love… that’s the essence right there of what love means, people.  It doesn’t mean just flowers and candy, it can mean pain and anguish, too.  People truly do love their abusers.  If those two actors don’t win Emmy’s for their performance in that final episode, it’s a shame that will never be forgiven.
  • “Can a play show us the very truth and nature of love?” the queen asked in Shakespeare in Love.  Yes… it can.  And it’s not always pretty and it doesn’t always end well, for that is loves truth and its curse.  Love stinks… yeah, yeah.
  • Flashbacks work on television.  They work in writing as well, so don’t be afraid to add in a memory or reflection on past events that may not have been referred to before.  We as people are constantly remembering the past and our future is based on our experiences.  Your characters should refer to their past as well, it will guide them and help explain why they do what they do.

Ultimately Breaking Bad is a triumph of amazing writing.  And that’s what we are all here for, to be amazing writers.  To be good writers.

50 Word Wednesday

I’m on vacation, of sorts.  Let’s call it a staycation and just ignore the fact I’m doing some work from home even though I’m on a break.  I’m working on a ton of new ideas, though, and going through the back catalog to spiffy things up a bit.  Stay tuned for more details.  Oh, and read this post I put up at this week about how to fight the Amazon “ADULT” filter when its applied to your story.

On to my 50 word entry…


He is young, not even an adult yet.  I can smell the fear on his skin, and the stink as he releases his bowels into his pants.  He is too frightened to flee, which is a shame.  I do love when my meals put up some sort of a fight.

Saints and Sinners

Skye Warren is working on a new anthology, which is called Take the Heat.  I have become quite enchanted with the idea of criminals and lawyers and the hot, naughty, erotic fun they can get into.  So, I’ve begun to work on a short title to submit in the hopes of being included in her anthology, but more than that, I’m taking the same character in that story and building a whole long series around her.

Evelyn Sinclair is a young lawyer who starts out working for the Public Defender’s office.  She quickly gains a reputation for being willing to do whatever it takes – and I do mean anything at all – to get her clients off.  Her skills are noticed by Wilson and Wilson, one of the most prestigious law firms in the country, and she is soon hired on as one of their up and coming young legal hot shots.  But Wilson and Wilson isn’t your average law firm.  They have long had ties to organized crime, and have defended some of the most notorious mobsters in the country.  The rich, famous, and naughty all belly up to the bar to hire the firm, and the staff of the agency will do whatever it takes to ensure their clients go free.  And I do mean whatever.

I’m tentatively titling the series Sinners, Inc.  I’ve already started the short story and the first of the books, we’ll see how it goes.  But I definitely see a market for erotic crime thrillers (well, not so much a thriller, more of a jail/court drama).  Now to find the right characters and inject some romance into the hot, steamy sex that will soon be taking place.  Woo hoo!  Being inspired is a good thing, thanks Skye!  :-)



50 Word Wednesday

The room is so sterile.  The take the bundle from me, still wrapped in the yellow receiving blanket her grandmother made.  Before I speak, the cold creep hits my veins, and I am taken in morpheus’ embrace, a rock that sinks to the silty bottom of an infinitely black lake.

Paradise Found Released!

My latest novella, Paradise Found, has been released on Amazon and on other outlets.  Kindle owners can purchase it HERE, and the rest of you can purchase it on Smashwords for the time being (until they perform their magic and it gets distributed to other sites, like Barnes and Noble).

Here’s the blurb:

This 10,000 word novella contains scenes of explicit sex and graphic language, and is recommended only for readers 18 years and older.

Since her husband Steven’s untimely death, Stephanie has felt alone and without passion. But when she travels with her sister-in-law Ally, and Ally’s husband Mark, to the cottage in Belize that she and Steven had purchased as a vacation home, she soon finds desire and lust arising in unusual circumstances, and with the people she least expected it to. Forbidden fruit tastes all the sweeter, and though she tries to resist, Stephanie will soon have to face the choice of selling the property and holding onto her grief, or giving into her sexual needs with a person who might destroy the most precious remaining part of her marriage: her friendship with her husband’s little sister.

“Yes,” she whispered, and she leaned in, kissing him, her heart jackhammering in her chest as she felt his soft lips brush over hers.

He kissed back, and their tongues met in her mouth, before he pulled away again, searching her face. “Stephanie, maybe we shouldn’t be doing this here.”

“Oh god, I’m so sorry Mark. It must have been the bump on the head, really, I was… was thinking of Steven and suddenly there you were… I’m so sorry… really…” She stopped stammering and lowered her head, feeling the flush of her arousal and hoping he thought it was embarrassment.

He lifted her chin and kissed her again, and he took her free hand and placed it directly over the throbbing bulge in his pants. She squeezed the thick length of his prick through his clothing. She felt herself seeping through her panties, leaking onto the floor beneath.

“I meant maybe we should go into the bedroom so we won’t be interrupted. The grounds keeper is supposed to be stopping by later to tidy up the yard. Let’s face it, Stephanie, I’ve seen how you look at me, I know you want what I have. Not my brains, not my smile, you want my big cock inside you, don’t you.”

Upcoming Short Feature

I finally have a new short work ready, a 10,000 word story about a woman on vacation with her best friend and her best friend’s husband.  The working title is “Paradise Found”, and here’s the first draft of the cover.  Very excited to finally have something new almost ready!  :)

woman flirting with a man by the work